How to make your Horse's Rugs last longer with Stormsure

A good turnout rug or stable blanket should last for years, so it’s worth knowing how to repair horse rugs when the inevitable damage occurs to these well-used and expensive items.

First of all, it depends on the extent of the damage done. A large rip may need professional help, however if you are patient and skilled at sewing, one method is simply to sew a waterproof patch over the damaged area. You’ll need a specialist upholstery needle and thread to cope with the tough fabric, or an industrial sewing machine. Our Repair Kit comes with a nylon fabric patch, or you may have an old rug at home that is beyond repair which can be cut up to patch up the newer one.

Spread the rug out on a large table or the floor so that it can lay completely flat and give you the best chance of making a neat job. Back stitch will hold best if you can manage it. Once you have neatly sewn along the rip, seal it with a strong waterproof glue, such as Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. You could also use glue to seal a patch in place.

For those who don’t fancy sewing, there are specialist rug repair kits available, such as our Stormsure Horse Rug Repair Kit. For small nicks, these patches (either self-adhesive or with glue) do the job well and prevent the rips from extending further. If the patches are too small for the rip, try TUFF Tape which can be rolled out as long as you need it.

In a perfect world, our horses’ rugs would never tear, break – or get muddy – but with a few simple tricks and a bit of patience, you can make them last as long as they were intended to.

For temporary repairs, use a self-adhesive patch on the torn area. For permanent repairs, please follow the instructions carefully.

You can also watch the demo video below which shows you exactly what to do.Horse Rug


These are often found on horse rugs and can quickly get much larger. A quick repair will prevent the damage from getting worse and will save a good deal of time and money in the long run.

  1. Ensure that the damaged area is on a flat surface.
  2. Clean off any mud and dirt near the hole.
  3. Snip off any frayed material with sharp scissors.
  4. Apply a small amount of Stormsure directly onto the damaged area.
  5. Leave flat and allow to cure overnight.


If the rip has damaged the impermeable waterproof underlayer, you need to make this repair first, then repair the outer layer in the same way.

  1. Cut a cross shape in the fabric, with the damaged area in the middle.
  2. Pull back the four flaps you have created and insert a patch of material underneath the horse rug fabric.
  3. Ensure that you lay the patch out flat under the damaged area.
  4. Put on the rubber gloves.
  5. Apply the Stormsure adhesive evenly on the top of the patch, where the flaps will be folded down on top of it.
  6. Gently press the flaps down on to the glue patch and smooth the glue away from the center of the cross. The glue needs to reach the edges of the patch.
  7. Make sure the flaps cover as much of the patch as is possible.
  8. Leave to cure.

If necessary, once the glue has fully cured/dried, you can cover the cuts in the fabric with a further layer of the adhesive to keep the edges and frayed ends in place.

Rain Sheet ProtectorStormsure's Guide to Waterproofing

Another great way to protect your Horse Rugs and blankets is by waterproofing them. Stormsure has a great water repellent that can easily be sprayed onto the garment which gives extra protection from the elements. Water-repellency won’t last forever though and over time, the water-repellency will wear off, but you shouldn’t throw your rugs away at this point, as you can clean them thoroughly and then re-add water-repellency, while maintaining breathability. You can wash your rugs at home and reproof them, too.

Stormproof Water Repellent uses de-ionised water and helps to restore the water repellent finish of your turnout rug. It should be used on the outside of your clean turnout rug and only use in well ventilated areas.

  • Easy and safe to use waterproofing spray suitable for all fibre types. It effectively repels water, oil and soil and works perfectly on nylon, cotton, polyester, wool, leather and more. Water just rolls off the surface without wetting it.
  • To use, simply spray evenly onto your garment and allow to fully dry in a warm place.
  • Stormproof is non-toxic and does not have a nauseating chemical smell, meaning it can be used in any environment and not necessarily outdoors.
  • Easy spray-on application method for all types of fabrics. Water based, fluorocarbon-free & environmentally responsible.
  • Works great with climatic membranes like GORE-TEX. Adds or renews water repellency and revives breathability. Prolongs the life of gear and optimises outdoor performance.

*Information in this article is provided in partnership with Horse and Hound Magazine.