Some how I seem to do this every year!

Autumn is here and Winter will not be far around the corner so it is time to get out my winter boots. Towards the end of last Winter or the beginning of Spring I noticed that my boots were suffering from a little wear and tear (both my wellington boots and more heavy duty walking boots). But as the weather started warming up a bit I didn’t really give much thought to getting them repaired as you wouldn’t be needing them for a while. So I just put them in the cupboard and thought I’ll get round to them when I need them again. But, of course life happens and I never did!

The colder weather has crept up on us and I need my snug waterproof boots again, now because sometimes the British weather can be apocalyptic at times for no apparent reason or without warning. I take a good look at my boots and prey they are not as bad as I think but realise that