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What Our Customers Say
  • “Very seldom do reviews on products such as this. However, I must report my success in using this glue. I had an old pair of ‘Hunters’ which I really liked but which had some serious splits around the ankle joints – where they flex whilst walking. I had my doubts that anything could fix this, but I was wrong… I have been walking in my wellies for 3 months now and they are holding up just fine. It looks like I’m going to get another winter out of them. I couldn’t be more pleased.”
    (Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive)


    Amazon “Top 1000” reviewer

  • “Fixed a seam tear in an inflatable hot tub which was under the water line, repaired with Stormsure Glue and a patch which has worked great. The Hot Tub was drained when I fixed it but been working with water at 40°C for the past two days and it is still holding good so very pleased. I will be using Stormsure again for sure, very good product, very helpful video tutorials and customer service is also great.”
    (Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and TUFF Tape Self-Adhesive Repair Patch)

    Kevin Smithers

    Trustpilot reviewer

  • “Wasn't totally confident at first about the patch kit, but just got it in the mail and very surprised at how well it works. Good investment.”
    (Boot, Shoe & Wader Repair Kit)



    Ebay reviewer

  • “Stormsure glue is quite an amazing product. I have used it several times successfully. I repaired a tear in an expensive pair of wellies some years ago and they are still spot on with no problems. I would definitely recommend Stormsure.”
    (Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive)

    Mr. M

    Trustpilot reviewer

  • “Bought this to use on a Barbour coat. Smallish repair has lasted 4 months so far with no sign of patch lifting.”
    (TUFF Tape Self-Adhesive Repair Patch)

    The Wiser Miser

    Amazon reviewer

  • “Absolutely brilliant. My felt hat is now waterproof. I would recommend this product. Also, very quick delivery.”
    (Stormproof Durable Water Repellent)



    Ebay reviewer