You’ve got that fancy tent, the ultralight and comfy sleeping bag that keeps you toasty all night, and the cushy sleeping pad that packs down to the size of a small burrito. Or you’ve got decades-old gear that has survived dozens of trips. In short: you’re stoked and ready to experience the great outdoors.

And everything is great, right until you put a hole in your gear. Unfortunately, puncturing your gear is just part of the game when it comes to camping. The woods are full of sharp things just waiting to tear into your gear. And, if you are trying to lighten your load, that lightweight gear is the more susceptible to ripping and tearing.

The good news is that a small hole doesn’t spell the end of any piece of gear. Most holes can be patched pretty easily with the right knowledge and equipment. We’ve put together this guide to help you repair holes in your camping gear, from clothing to tents to sleeping bags and pads.