We're helping the NHS!

We're helping the NHS!


Here at Stormsure’s base we are 3D printing face shields to donate to the NHS in order to protect nurses and doctors who are doing the most amazing job helping people with COVID-19. 

So far nearly 50 have been printed here and I am now able to produce six or seven a day with each printer.

To get this project going Stormsure has offered some seed funding and manpower. Georgie, who is running the project, is an engineering student stranded at home. She has raised some more funds herself from friends and family on her GoFundMe page  (Please donate!). To ramp up this program quickly we need more funds for materials and 3d printing machines.

Donations will also be used to buy plastic filament to be used in the printers, maintenance costs and spare parts and most importantly to buy more printers so that these face shields can be printed at a faster speed. Part of the funds raised so far have been used to buy the second printer, costing £370, which will can print these masks at twice the rate as it is bigger and faster than the first small junior machines we had available.
 £5 will pay for express shipping so we can get things done more quickly.
 £10 will buy us 10m of button elastic to attach to the back of the shields.
 £20 will buy us a roll of plastic printer filament - makes approx 25 shields.
 £30 will buy us 100 acetate plastic sheets to attach to the shield frames.
 £40 will buy us two rolls of filament - approx 50 shields.
 £370 will buy another printer.
I have already been lent one printer and given another so we have three going full speed,  and we are now able to produce about 20 face shields a day. We need to get to 100 a day of we can.
I have made 50 shields already which have been donated to hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes and ambulance crews all around the country!
Surplus funds will be donated to Cruse Bereavement Counselling, East Anglian Air Ambulance, Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust, and charities that help people in the aftermath of this Covid-19 crisis.

                   Thank you!!