Neoprene Queen Wetsuit repair

Neoprene Queen Wetsuit repair

Neoprene Queen logoNeoprene Queen Adhesive is a fast-curing, thick, black glue. Its premium quality and properties make it perfect for repairing wetsuit and drysuit damage that regularly occurs over time with regular use. This nifty adhesive will enable you to make easy and durable repairs to rips, roles, leaks and split seams on wetsuit and drysuit material.

NQ repair KitsTo use, apply to both edges of a rip and bond firmly together for 20 seconds. Within 5 minutes, it should be touch dry and you will be ready to go back in the water!

Our shampoo kills most waterborne bacteria, plankton and viruses that cause rashes and smells. Good for wet boots dry suits and all watersports equipment too.

These products are perfect for casual watersports enthusiasts as well as professional triathletes who want to stand out!


Try our anti-fog sticks

Antifog SticksThis product will stop condensation forming of glass, polycarbonate, mirrors and most shiny surfaces. Used by Wind surfers who put dripping wetsuits in their cars, people with wet dogs in their cars. Great for SCUBA diving goggles and masks and motorcycle helmet visors, spectacles and sunglasses. Ideal for both caravaners, paintball and airsoft gamers who need crystal clear vision. Works well on bathroom mirrors too! Also available in a l iquid form.

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