Be careful what you buy…

Be careful what you buy…

I was sent a tube of glue yesterday and asked to compare it to Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive.

This one is sold for fixing shoes. Apparently you get more for your money than with Stormsure Adhesive. I had a quick look at the label on the back, and was surprised to read in the first sentence that the product is “suspected of causing cancer”.

• So you may not need your shoes to last for very long if this product is rubbing against your foot… The reason Stormsure adhesive is a little more expensive is that:

• Stormsure does not use cheaper chemicals which are carcinogenic.

• Stormsure provides gloves with every tube of Stormsure glue to stop you getting any chemicals on your hands.

• 70% of the glue you pay for in this tube is the carcinogenic solvent, which evaporates. So you are left with only 30% of what you paid for to make the repair.

Stormsure Adhesive, however, is only 30% solvent. And the 70% solids which remain are much more abrasion resistant. That is important for shoe repairs. Stormsure Adhesive is actually much better value for money in the long run. And it is not suspected of causing cancer.

For you own peace of mind buy Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and be sure that your shoes, trainers hiking boots and leaking rubber boots can all be fixed safely with it, as well as furniture, woodwork, inflatables, tents, raincoats and thousands of other things too.

Would you use carcinogenic chemicals
on your shoe repairs?

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