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Q. I have sheet vinyl flooring in my kitchen which has been loose laid with double sided tape around the edges. On the step in the kitchen I am struggling to get the vinyl to stick to the vertical side of the step using the double sided tape. It seems okay but then pops off a few hours later. I do not want to buy a whole tub or can of vinyl flooring adhesive for such a tiny area but have a tube of Stormsure at home. Would this be safe to use? I know that some adhesives should not be used as they react with the plasticisers in sheet vinyl flooring.

A. Two options.

1. Yes you can use Stormsure but the problem with this is you need something to hold it in place long enough for the glue to cure as it takes 10-12 hours to cure. This is particularly difficult because it is on the vertical part of the step. So you would need something to press up against it quite firmly.
2. Our suggestion would be Stormoprene  It is a very very strong industrial strength contact adhesive. Although you do still need to hold/press the vinyl in place, you should only have to for 15-20mins.
Product to make the Repair


Q. I have an inflatable dome that has an air valve inserted into the air channel this can be deflated to repair the valve what product would you suggest? 

A. We would recommend using Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive in this case. For a few reasons, The adhesive is clear so will match the dome. The adhesive has a TPu composition (polyurethane) so it is rubbery like when cured (dried). Meaning it is flexible and can stretch a little. Also it is completely waterproof and air tight. The adhesive is used often on inflatable canoes and tents etc.

You should only need one of the smaller tubes we do and they come in packs of 3.

I'm not sure from the pictures how big the damage is and that it may require a few layers of glue. You can apply one layer and let that dry and then apply another over the top. That is ok to do.

When applying, please make sure the valve and the surrounding areas are clean and dry. Do not use white spirit, using an alcohol wipe would be best but water should be fine. Apply the glue when it is dry though. Sim[ply apply the glue into the areas where it is damaged and also around the area too to give that extra strength and then leave to cure (dry), on a flat surface if possible as the glue will run otherwise, so you may want to put something underneath to catch any glue that runs. The glue then takes 10-12 hours hours to cure properly so leave over night.

It is cold at the moment and the ideal temperature to use the glue is above 5 degrees Celsius because the glue does freeze and go waxy like in the cold. This is fine and doesn't mean the glue has gone off or anything, it just means the glue needs to be warmed up by putting in a cup of hot water and then it will be fine to use. Ideally though if the repair can be done and left to cure above that temperature then that would give the best results (inside if you can), but going on the pictures that might not be an option.

Tip. The glue is a moisture curing glue, meaning the curing process starts as soon as it comes into contact with the air, moisture in the air. To speed up the curing process a little, by about a third, then you can mix it with water. This does thin the glue down a bit and then may require a few layers.

Other than that, you are good to go. I hope this helps.

Product to make the Repair

Q. Looking for adhesive or patch repair for nylon sling used in a lawn/garden chair. Sling has torn along bend ridge at side of the seat.

A. Adhesive would be best here. Using a patch will most likely fail after a short time due to the nature of it being a chair and the use it gets. Stormsure Flexible repair adhesive would be best here. Even if there is a hole the adhesive can help fill the hole as when it cures it has rubbery like qualities. It will be flexible and durable and very strong.