Footwear FAQ

Hopefully you should be able to find your repair below or something very close to it.
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Q.  Hi, Would this glue stick the sole back on to my trainer? Its half hanging off.

A. Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive will work perfectly here. Simply apply the glue between the sole and the trainer. Use something to press/hold the two together and leave for 10-12 hours for the glue to cure. All done.

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Q.  Hi, does Stormsure work also in cold weather or does it turn brittle? i.e. to repair cracked soles on SNOWBOOTS?

A. Stormsure Adhesive does freeze and will go waxy like in cold conditions (when still in the tube). All you need to do is put the tube of glue in a cup of hot water or on a radiator until it goes squidgy. Then it can be used as normal. It will then cure absolutely fine. And also it performs very well once fully cured in extreme cold conditions. The important thing is that it is applied at room temperature or heated up before use and then left to cure fully.

In your case repair your snow boots inside, in a warm environment. Leave to cure fully whilst still inside (over night). When cured it will be absolutely fine in the snow or extreme cold conditions. Also make sure the boots are clean and dry before applying the glue.
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Q. I have a RUBBER WELLINGTON BOOT which has split on the upper where the boot flexes and creases when I walk. Will any of your products repair this bearing in mind every step taken creases the boot across the repair?

A. We have some adhesive that will work. Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. The adhesive is a polyurethane based adhesive, meaning, when it cures it has rubbery like qualities. It will stretch and also is completely waterproof.

However, yes you are correct, application is more important because of the creasing.

You will need to use more adhesive than you usually would. You will need to fill the split with the adhesive and apply the adhesive all around and over the split area, covering at least 1cm further around the split. And also the coverage/thickness of the layer of adhesive applied will need to be thicker. Either apply one coat first, let it dry and then apply a second over the top.

It may not look great once you have finished, as you will find you have covered half the boot with glue, but it will work.

Make sure to let the glue cure (dry) for the full 10-12 hours.

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Q. I have 2 old pairs of Chameau walking wellies which have started to leak along several of the seals. Could you please advise the best product to rectify this please?

A.  Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive will be the best product here. We have some demo videos on the website you can view that might help. The adhesive when cured will be a rubbery like texture which is completely waterproof and flexible which is perfect for footwear as it can cope with the stresses of creasing when walking.

Simply apply the glue into the cracks and over and around the affected area. Leave to dry(cure) for the full 10-12 hours and you should be good to go. The glue will run a a bit if not on a flat surface so bare that in mind.

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Q. What glue would you recommend to stick the rubber rand (protecting the toe area) to the suede on a pair of Scarpa R Evo walking boots?

A. Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. It is the best adhesive we have for footwear. It is completely waterproof, flexible and durable.

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Q. I have a pair of "gumleaf viking" neoprene wellies and one has a 40mm long split across the middle of the sole which is letting in water. Is your "Stormsure" adhesive capable of fixing this please, bearing in mind that it is in an area subjected to considerable flexing, and under my weight.

A. Absolutely. Stormsure is used to completely rebuild soles of walking boots etc for example. We have demo videos on the website and more on our youtube channels. Just fill the split and cover over the split and surrounding area (maybe 1cm either side of the split coverage) and leave to cure. It takes 10-12 hours to cure properly.


Q. I wear Vivobarefoot boots. Love them but the soles wear out ridiculously quick. Looking to apply an adhesive type rubber to the lugga of the boots so the coating wears instead of the actual lug. I tried shoe goo. Did not stay on. I only washed the soles. Maybe I should have sanded them then cleaned with acetone or alcohol? Plan is to keep reapplying as the coating wears as needed. Would your stuff work better than shoe goo? I am needing this to not change the grip or make the grip better. Do not want to create a slippery issues. I use for every day wear and hiking. What are your thoughts?

A. Our Stormsure Flexible Repair adhesive is better for this. You can sand the area and clean with acetone (NOT white spirit). It is not essential but is best when clean and apply the glue when dry.


Q. I'm looking to find out if I should use the Stormsure tape, Stormsure glue or both to fox a vertical split at the back of muck boots. They are some sort of rubber & neoprene. I thought that the tape seemed a possibility to give strong structure across the split seem, but wonder if I'm better off with the glue or both as it is a stress area when putting boots as this ankle area is stressed when putting boots on at back of heel & when walking. Happy to but both as the boots are in otherwise perfect condition.

A. For footwear we suggest just using the glue. Because of the stresses and strains and creasing when walking, the tape will not stick very well. Water and moisture will get underneath the tape and it will just come off. Use the glue to fill the split and a little around the surrounding area to give extra hold. Let the glue cure (dry) for the full 10-12 hours and you should be good to go. The glue is waterproof and durable and much stronger.


Q. I have a pair of muck boots where the sole is coming away from the boot and muck suggest using Stormsure adhesive to repair them. I have bought a tube but the enclosed instructions don’t explain how to use it for this. Please could you advise.

A. Firstly preparation is key. Make sure in between the sole and the boot is all clean and dry and any area that you need to glue. then apply the glue inside on both the sole and the boot. Try and cover as much of the area as you can, especially around the sides and edges. Then this is the bit you may or may not be able to do well. The boot and the soles then need to be clamped (pressed) together whilst the glue cures (dries). The glue takes 10-12 hours to cure properly. Then you should be good to go. We do have some videos on the website you can view.


Q. I have a pair of Muck Boots and the lower part is made of rubber and the upper part is made of neoprene. Which one of your products would you recommend to reseal the join between these two materials?

A. Although we do have specialist neoprene adhesive, this only works if sticking neoprene to neoprene so you will need to use Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive.Simply apply glue in between the two and then you will need something to clamp or hold the two together whilst the glue cures. The glue does take 10-12 hours to cure.You may also want to cover a little extra area with the glue to give it added strength.


Q. Is this adhesive suitable for Dunlop Purofort wellies? How much glue would be needed for a tear/split 3cm long in the Achilles tendon area?When is the Tufftape more appropriate than the adhesive?

A. Yes absolutely.You will probably need the 15g tube as you will need to apply the glue inside the split and also covering on top of and an outside area of at least 1cm diameter around the split.Apply the glue at room temperature as the glue does freeze and goes waxy like in cold temperatures. Leave to sure for the full 10-12 hours.

Tuff tape works best on flat areas and not on areas that are likely to crease or fold. Also not over seams. If any moisture gets underneath the tape and the surface of the material it will likely fall off. 


Q. Hi, I have recently purchased a pair of Hotter  Gor-tex walking boots (undoubtedly seconds).  Upon checking the joins between the uppers and midsole?, I found a gap at the toe on one of them.  In the hope that I may be able to fill/stick and or seal this I have not yet worn them in order to keep clean and dry.  What, if anything, would you recommend as the best solution to fix the problem?

A. Stormsure Flexible repair Adhesive will work here. You will be able to fill the gap and also cover the area a little. For aesthetics purposes you may want to use black, clear or white depending on the colour of the sole. Preparation is key as you wont want the glue to run so apply some tape, sellotape or brown packing tape will be ok to keep the glue in place and cover any areas you dont want the glue to run over. then leave to cure for the full 10-12 hours.