Common Miscellaneous FAQ

Hopefully you should be able to find your repair below or something very close to it.
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Q. I need to repair a PVC cooler bag. I am considering using the Stormsure clear adhesive. Once cured is the adhesive safe for use where the product will come into contact with food stuffs and or for use in the storage of potable water.

A. Simple answer is yes for both. Stormsure adhesive is a polyurethane adhesive, meaning it cures with moisture, not solvents, and when it cures, it has rubbery like qualities. It will be completely waterproof. 

Please allow the glue to cure the full amount of 10-12 hours and then it will be fine. It works well in heat up to 80 degrees Celsius and also freezing temperatures down to minus 40 so the glue will be fine for most situations.

Product to make the Repair

Q. I am looking for a product to repair the drawer of a freezer. I just wanted to check if you have any product that I could use for it?

A. Am I right to assume that the drawer is plastic and you can fully remove the drawer so it can be repaired?

I am going to assume it is cracked.
If so, then Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive should work here. 
Take the drawer out and put on a flat surface. Bring the two edges of the plastic as close together as you can. Then apply the adhesive into the gap of the crack and a little over the edges of where the crack is. Leave to cure (dry) for the full 10-12 hours and t should be good to go.
If the repair is along where it runs in the runners then be careful with the thickness of the layer of glue you use otherwise it may not run smoothly.
The adhesive is perfectly fine for temperatures down to -40 degrees so can easily cope with the freezing temperatures.
Also the adhesive once cured is ok to be around food stuffs.