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Gear for the repair and mainaintance of wetsuits, drysuits and watersports equipment

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  1. Stormproof 250ml

    250ml Bottle with trigger spray. StormProof is a high tech reproofing  agent for use on all fabrics types and leather. Perfect for breathable fabrics, Gortex® and regular rip stop nylon. It even works well on fleeces and woolens.

    Spray directly on to the fabric, jacket or tent and allow to air dry. Provides repellancy against water soil and oils.  An essential product for keeping waterproof clothing at peak performance.

    Commodity code 38099100

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  2. EDC Stove built

    The EDC Box Micro Stove by Bushcraft Essentials.  This micro stove is all you need to boil enought water for a hot drink, or to heat up a meal for 1 person.

    Clip the metal parts together in a few seconds and then use any fuel for the fire like wood, hexamine blocks, gel fuel, spirit burner or charcoal.

    The stove packs down so small it will fit in your wallet. The metal parts all have a hole in them so you can thread the parts onto a carabiner or piece of string.

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  3. BushBox Outdoor Pocket Stove

    The famous multi fuel Bush Box Stove by Bushcraft Essentials. It cooks with wood, spirit burner, fuel tablets, gel fuel, charcoal hexamine etc. Packs flat (less than 1cm thick). Large enough for heating a sauce pan for 2 or more people.

    Engineered and made in Germany.


    Comes with a cotton carry bag.

    Two or more can be joined together.

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  4. StormProof 5 Litres

    StormProof Durable Water Repellent in a 5 Litre container. Ready to use. Refill you trigger spary bottle, or apply with a brush or cloth or by immersion.

    Spray directly on to the fabric, jacket or tent and allow to air dry. Provides repellancy against water soil and oils.

    Tumble drying or gentle heat will improve the repelland performace, but it is not essential. Check if the garment can be tumble dried beforehand!

    Commodity code 38099100

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  5. Neoprene Queen 250ml Tin x 6

    Wetsuit and neoprene repair adhesive. A metal cone top tin containing 250ml of Neoprene Queen Black Contact adhesibe. Ideal for use with all neoprene items. This black contact adhesive must be put on both sides to be glued. Apply a thin layer and wait a few minutes until touch dry, then apply a second thin layer of glue. Again allow to touch dry. Then position carefully and press both parts together very firmly.

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  6. StormProof 25 Litres

    25 Litre container of StormProof Spray-on water repelling agent. Supplied as a concentrate. This must be diluted with a further 100 litres of deionized / demineralized water, making a total of 125 litres of spray.

    StormProof has a water, soil and oil-repellent effect if drying is carried out at ambient temperature. A heat treatment after drying does improve the impregnating properties.

    Do not breathe in the aerosol spray. Keep away from eyes.

    Do not use on fabric treate with Silicone based hydrophobic agents.

    Spray evenly onto fabric

    Allow to air dry. Gentle heating will improve repellancy, but it is not essential.

    Commodity code 38099100

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