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Repair Kits

These repair kits contain a tube of Stormsure adhesive and either self adhesive TUFF Tape patches or a strip of TUFF Tape (or both). You will be able to make most repairs with these items. Quick simple repairs often just need a patch over them. Splits in leather or on PVC near a welded seam need the adhesive. You can always buy extra individual components when you have found which item works best for you.
Some repair kits are similar. However kits for repairing Wetsuits and drysuits contain 2 types of adhesive as neoprene wetsuits need contact adhesive and drysuits usually need Stormsure adhesive. The Horse Rug repair kit contains patches of fabric and larger quantities of adhesive as the damage tends to be larger.
Yes you can. The products in each kit are aimed to be able to fix damage. The car roof kit will also be good for fixing a leaking tent or a floppy sole on a pair of shoes. The labelling is designed to help people buy the right contents for their repair needs.