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Neoprene Queen

Neoprene Queen is a black adhesive and is designed specially for use on Neoprene, so it is ideal for repairing wetsuits. the solvents evaporate very quickly so the working time is short. Stormoprene has a longer working time and is a pale brown colour. Stormsoprene can be used on a wider variety of substrates and is especially useful as it sticks very well to Hypalon; this is the material from which many RIBs are made
Yes. Neoprene Queen is designed so you can make very quick repairs to neoprene wetsuits. You just need to dry the edges of the neoprene that have ripped. apply the black glue to the edges on both sides of the rip. When it is touch dry just press the edges carefully together. You can be back in the water in 5 minutes.
If you need to fix small holes in wetsuits you should buy a number of small tubes. Unopened tubes have a longer shelf life than tubes which have been part used. The solvent can evaporate through the plastic cap. Buy sufficient numbers of small tubes so you have one handy when you need it. Keep one in your kit bag and one in the car.