VersaChem Mega Black Silicone Gasket Maker and Windshield Sealant 3oz / 85g tube

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Versachem Black RTV Silicone 3oz / 85g tube with applicator.

  • High strength, moisture curing RTV  (Room Temperature Vulcanisation)  silicone; maintains long-term durability and flexibility.
  • Forms a tough, flexible silicone rubber material; resists aging and weathering providing a leak proof seal.
  • Use to bond, seal, insulate, repair, fill voids and more
  • Temperature Range: -100°F to 600°F (-73°C to 315°C)
  • Suggested Applications: To seal windshields (not for installation), sunroofs, vinyl tops; use to replace paper, felt, cork, rubber and silicone gaskets.

Versachem Black RTV  (Room Temperature Vulcanisation)  Silicone forms a tough, flexible silicone rubber that resists aging and weathering, and will not shrink or harden. This high strength, moisture curing gasketing material maintains long-term durability and flexibility, ideal for bonding, sealing, repairing, weatherproofing and more. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved, this formula is non-flammable, waterproof, low volatile, and oxygen sensor safe. Use it on windshields, sunroofs, vinyl tops, gasket making or dressing, water neck outlets, timing gear covers, manifolds, oil pan, and transmission pans. Features a temperature range of -100F to 450F (continuous), -100F to 600F (intermittent), and a tensile strength of 400 PSI. Resistant to oil and antifreeze mixtures. Not recommended for use on parts in constant contact with gasoline.

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