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Neoprene Queen is a black adhesive and is designed specially for use on Neoprene, so it is ideal for repairing wetsuits. the solvents evaporate very quickly so the working time is short. Stormoprene has a longer working time and is a pale brown colour. Stormsoprene can be used on a wider variety of substrates and is especially useful as it sticks very well to Hypalon; this is the material from which many RIBs are made
Stormoprene can be used as either a single part or a 2 part contact adhesive. If you are sticking Hypalon, you must use the 2 part combination. For many normal applications it can be used as a single part. The addition of the activator will help form chemical cross linking to the substrate, and this makes a stronger bond. On Hypalon the surface is very unreactive and the activator will break the stable chemical to form a permanent bond.
If you need to fix small holes in wetsuits you should buy a number of small tubes. Unopened tubes have a longer shelf life than tubes which have been part used. The solvent can evaporate through the plastic cap. For large jobs buy a tin that will be completely used for the job. Do not plan to keep 50% of an unused tin for a year and then hope to use it again. It make not be usable. Always put the lid back on the tin as soon as you can.