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Stormsure adhesive sticks to most things. It fills gaps well and cures slowly, so you have time to reposition the parts if necessary. Cure time can be reduced by mixing in a tiny amount of water (use a damp stick). When cured Stormsure is flexible, abrasion resistant and very strong. It forms a thick film if put on a single surface and will make a patchless airtight and waterproof repair. It can be painted onto any fabric to produce an impermeable layer.
Super glue bonds well on rigid and brittle materials like ceramics.It too is brittle and will crack when bent. It does not fill gaps well so the two edges to be bonded must fit well together. Super glue deteriorates if it is permanently wet. Some super glues are designed to work on specific substrates. Check if it will stick paper together...many do not! Cure time is very quick so you do not have time for repositioning. Fingers get stuck together very easily.
Contact adhesive must be applied to two sides and left to become touch dry. When the sides are pushed together the bond is instant. There is no possibility to reposition the parts. The gaps between parts should be minimal. Contact adhesives work well on flexible fabrics and laminates. They are very stable in wet conditions and suitable for watersport applications. Materials like Hypalon must be used with an activator, which breaks the chemical bonds on the substrate to form a much better bond.