Drysuit FAQ

Hopefully you should be able to find your repair below or something very close to it.
Please remember also to check out the DEMO VIDEOS HERE.

Q.  Hi, can you recommend a product to repair a drysit. The extra productive layer of fabric around the seal has come away, leaving a flap, about 12 inches. Would a double sided tough tape work? It really needs stitching, but obviously it would compromise the suit to put needle holes through. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

A. Thank you for getting in touch. We sure a very strong contact adhesive for this type of repair. The adhesive is an industrial strength contact adhesive that is used in the manufacture of ribs so it is extremely strong. Completely waterproof and can cope with salt water without any issues. We do have a demo video on this here https://www.stormsure.com/video. There are 3 or four videos showing different repairs to drysuits which one should show your repair or similar. We do sell the adhesive separately or you can purchase the kits with a new latex seal and adhesive.

Product to make the Repair


Q.  Further to viewing your video 'seal drysuit seams'how to repair drysuit seams/waterproof repairs. Please can you advice the mixing ratio of Stormsure flexible adhesive to ethyl acetate or your proprietary thinner. Please also advice quantity of adhesive required to treat a medium size adult drysuit (20metres of seams approx) and a!so number of coats.

A. This is a difficult question to answer. The normal is approx 1 part glue to 10 part thinner but this is only a guide. The best thing to do, add the glue to a container and then slowly add the solvent/thinner little by little until you get to the consistency and viscosity you require. You can always add more. All repairs are different and this is something you will have to gauge yourself. Please also bear in mind that, adding the thinner/solvent also speeds up the curing process to approx 4-6 hours.

For your repair, we would recommend 2 x 90g tubes of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and also the ethyl acetate down to a consistency you can easily paint over the seams (the paint brush will be ruined afterwards). One coat should be enough, again depending on how much you thin the glue down.
Product to make the Repair