Lets ask a very expensive question? How much does it cost to repair or replace a car soft top?


Well, it doesn't have to....as we are about to show you. Even when you think there is slim to little chance of repairing the roof, we can show you there is a way. 

Below you will see some pretty severe damage to a car roof. The roof is over 20 years old, worn, tired, left to sit for long periods of time in all sorts of weather. You might think that there is not much chance of repairing it. But it is a classic car, with emotional and sentimental value. Value that can not really be replaced or replicated with a new one. You really want to be able to get the car back on the road again in it's former glory.

As with a lot of older cars, parts are not easily come by and even if you do find a repalcement, it can be costly to purchase and