Top Tips for Camping Trips 2022

If you’re off on long camping trips or expeditions where your tent will have prolonged use, you need to be prepared. Stormsure has a long and established history of prolonging the life of your existing gear and even improving some new tents and equipment on the market today.

Camping Tips

So, for those new to DIY repairs, we’ve put together a quick guide before setting off on your long awaited trip:

  • Take a tent that is designed for the specific trip, long or short camping trips. Lightweight backpacking tents are not always suited for long trips.
  • Check your clothing and more importantly footwear before leaving and make sure the soles are in good order. Stormsure’s adhesive can repair your footwear so there’s no need to buy new walking boots.
  • Before you leave, pitch and inspect your tent to make sure you are comfortable with its use and that it’s suited to the trip you have planned. Also, be sure to check all components are there and in working order. Seal any seams if necessary. The last you want is for water to come in on the first night!
  • Use a Groundsheet Protector to help protect and prolong the life of the inner tent floor. If there are any holes or rips or even something that could manifest into a hole then make sure to patch those up before setting off.
  • Take spare pole(s) in case of breakage – depending on where you’re going, a specialist tent shop is unlikely to be just around the corner. Poles can be taped together and even glued but it’s probably not the permanent solution and not something you’s want to worry about, especially if the weather is bad.
  • Periodically use zip and pole lube to keep everything lubricated and minimise potential problems. Stormsure supplies Zip Oil and other lubricants in small bottles.

Accidents happen. Damage can happen very easily so do take an Emergency Repair Kit. Stormsure’s Repair Kit’s contain Tape and Adhesive and are ideal as they are small in size and cover most repairs needed to get you through your trip.

  • Take spare guylines.
  • Take a mixture of pegs that are suited to the conditions you will encounter (such as SAS sand steaks, dead guys, and so on).
  • Remember weather conditions can be unpredictable, so prepare for the worst when specifying your requirements. Water repellents can help. A quick spray before you go will add an extra layer of protection to your tent and your clothing. No tent is infallible, but you can help yourself by pitching in areas with natural shelter from the elements.

Take Advice

The best thing you can do before having to invest in a new tent, clothing or equipment for a specific trip is to take advice and if repairs can be done to your existing gear.

That’s what we’re here for! Helping you save £££