Carbon Neutral

An Introduction into 'Net Zero'

Creating a net zero UK will require a fundamental transformation in our economy and society.  Businesses will play a vital role in this, and companies are increasingly keen to signal their commitments to corporate social responsibility.

Taking action is indeed important, as government statistics tell us that business and industry are directly responsible for around 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and clearly these need to be dramatically reduced.

Building a net zero future is crucial for our planet. So what is net zero, and why is it important?

As we burn fuels to do things like power our homes, produce goods and operate transport, greenhouse gases are pushed out into the earth’s atmosphere. 

Scientists and governments agree that the higher levels of greenhouse gases we are producing are triggering climate change. 

Therefore, to tackle the climate crisis we need to balance the amount of greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere with the amount we remove. This is what we call ‘net zero’.

Stormsure's RoleClimate Change with Stormsure

A few years ago now Stormsure started it's journey to become a 'Net Zero' business. The first thing we could do was find immediate ways cutting down our carbon immisions throughout the manufacturing process of our products.

The first thing done as perhaps the most obvious was the removal of as much single use plastic in our products as possible. Where possible, going further than that and removing plastic all together.

The next thing was to make sure that all of our 3rd party suppliers are also on the same path as us and believe in climate change as much as we do. It is extremely important to think about the whole supply chain from beginning to end and whom we partner with.

We can confirm that all of our suppliers are supporters of the action we all need to take to help with the climate change problems we all face. These suppliers are from all 4 corners of the globe and include; transport, box makers, aluminium tube makers, chemical companies, recycling, energy companies, even down to how employees get to and from work.

Aluminium Recycling LogoStormsure has years of experience of using aluminium and believe this is the best way to produce our products. Aluminium is also the most cost-effective material to recycle, using around only 5% of the energy and emissions needed to make it from the raw material bauxite. All the scraps left over from the aluminium production process can be melted down and re-melted and used again and again.

As Stormsure continues to grow we have found a real serious problem with the amount of waste we are producing in the production process of our products. Where does this waste go? Is it being recycled? and How?

We have decided to fix this problem ourselves and not rely on anyone else, which means we can be self sufficient and reliable with our recyling. By using an extremely hot furness we are now able to recycle all of our own waste. We can make sure that all waste is recycled and re-used.

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