Partner as a Stormsure Distributor and information about IOSS

Important Information Regarding IOSS.

As of the 1st of July the EU introduced their IOSS system. This is required for all sellers sending goods into Europe. This in particularly has affected if anyone lists Stormsure or any products on 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay. For example Amazon will be collecting the import VAT at the point of sale on behalf of the sellers and sending that VAT amount to the IOSS. That means when we send those items into the EU the VAT has already been paid for. This is great news but this means that these marketplaces need to provide us with their IOSS number so we can put this information on the shipping labels (speak with which ever courier you use and they will explain how the labelling works). Personally I found all the information very very hard to find and had to do hours of digging to find the correct information. Now that I have found that information I thought it best to share it with everyone else, which in turn will help Stormsure distributors and sellers sending stormsure goods into the EU.

Each marketplace has it's own unique IOSS number. Use the same IOSS number for all items sold through that particular marketplace.

Here are the IOSS numbers for the following marketplaces:

Amazon         IM4420001201

Ebay              IM2760000742

Cdiscount     IM2500000295
Cdiscount     VAT: FR 34 424 059 822

Fruugo          IM3720001952


Become a Stormsure Distributor


Becoming a distributor of Stormsure Products has never been easier!

Stormsure currently has many distributors all over the world. Stormsure offers whoelsalers, distributors and trade customers the easy option of being able to purchase Stormsure products in bulk at a much lower cost. There is plenty of demand to go around for everyone!

Minimum order quantity and value does apply for trade customers and to qualify for the discounted rate.

To achieve the discounted trade price, the minimum order value needs to be £250.

Every trade customer will start on the same trade price list. Then, depending on the quantity you order, you can qualify for up to a further and maximum amount of 25% off the trade price for orders over £1000.

Please contact us at and we will be happy to send out our price list of all the products you can buy in bulk.

If you are happy with the prices and would like to proceed then, we will require all of your contact details, billing and delivery address (if different), VAT information plus any other company information we need to be aware of.

Once you have reviewed the price list and decided on the products you would like to purchase and quantities then we can put together a formal quote for you.

All new trade customers are on a pro-forma basis and payment will be required up front before we send the goods to you.

Delivery times for larger orders may take a little longer but we aim to dispatch larger orders to you within a week.

Delivery to UK and international destinations will be discussed and agreed with you prior to settling the pro-forma invoice.

Please note:

During sign up and initial consultation we will be asking how you plan on selling our products. For example if you plan on selling the products on 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay (and many others), then we have a set of guidlines that all sellers need to follow. This includes what the selling price should be and stay at so that many sellers do not enter into price wars, protecting plummiting prices and hence protecting the brand.

Protecting the brand, 'Stormsure' and the products is of the utmost importance to us and anyone seen to be abusing the guidlines will not be supplied the products anymore.
As we are Brand Registered with all of the marketplaces, we will have the listings removed without warning if this happens.